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Dental Team

All our clinicians adhere to the strict guidelines governing the profession under strict guidance from the General Dental Council (GDC) "Standards for Dental Professionals".

Dr Nicholas Forster
Dr Nicholas Forster Partner And Dental Suregon
GDC No. 58798
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Dr Robin Lyddon
Dr Robin Lyddon Partner and Dentist
GDC No. 68544
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Dr Alex Leishman
Dr Alex Leishman Dentist
BSc(Hons) BDS
GDC No. 229437
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Dr Bijal Desai
Dr Bijal Desai Dentist
BDS (Hons)
GDC No. 191721
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Dr Artur Grabowski
Dr Artur Grabowski Dentist
GDC No. 85008
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Dr Martin Hammond
Dr Martin Hammond Dentist
GDC No. 73523
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Dr Karen Davies
Dr Karen Davies Dentist
GDC No. 72937
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Dr Laura Cook
Dr Laura Cook Dentist
GDC No. 271081
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Dr Alice Fleming
Dr Alice Fleming Dentist
GDC No. 301918
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Dr Natalia Calmic
Dr Natalia Calmic Dentist
GDC No. 282818
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Dr Kit Spears
Dr Kit Spears Dental Surgeon & Implantologist
GDC No. 209544
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Ramisa Chowdury
Ramisa Chowdury VT Dentist
GDC No. 308971
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Charlotte Butterfield
Charlotte Butterfield Hygienist
GDC No. 6744
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Clare Miles
Clare Miles Hygienist
GDC No. 5849
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Joanne Lewis
Joanne Lewis Hygienist
CEB Cert (88)
GDC No. 3582
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Donna Brien
Donna Brien Hygienist
GDC No. 3502
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Practice Managers
Gemma Dagley
Gemma Dagley Practice Manager
NVQ L3 Oral Health Care: Dental Nursing & Independent Assessment City & Guilds 2004
GDC No. 124972
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Laura McGregor
Laura McGregor Deputy Practice Manager
National Certificate NEBDN 2008
GDC No. 159728
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Dental Nurses
Charlie Murray
Charlie Murray Senior Nurse and Implant Nurse
NVQ L3 Dental Nursing & VRQ L3 Dental Nursing City & Guilds 2012
GDC No. 231190
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Alisha McCartny
Alisha McCartny Senior Dental Nurse
GDC No. 267770
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Megan Docherty
Megan Docherty Implant Treatment Co Ordinator / Implant Nurse
Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3 QCF City & Guilds 2019
GDC No. 288218
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Reanna Waine
Reanna Waine Dental Nurse
National Diploma in Dental Nursing NEBDN 2021
GDC No. 297446
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Becca Lurcock
Becca Lurcock Implant Nurse
Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3 QCF City & Guilds 2022
GDC No. 303042
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Stacey Mundy
Stacey Mundy Qualified Dental Nurse
GDC No. 276316
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Jordyn Hill
Jordyn Hill Qualified Dental Nurse
GDC No. 305686
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Courtney Hoar
Courtney Hoar Trainee Dental Nurse
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Shannon Elkins
Shannon Elkins Trainee Dental Nurse
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Stephanie Burridge
Stephanie Burridge Trainee Dental Nurse
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Naomi Prentice
Naomi Prentice Trainee Dental Nurse
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Tia Fleming
Tia Fleming Trainee Dental Nurse
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Cassidee Renton
Cassidee Renton Trainee Dental Nurse
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Charlotte Marshall
Charlotte Marshall Trainee Dental Nurse
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Phoebe Duke
Phoebe Duke Trainee Dental Nurse
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Leah Pink
Leah Pink Decontamination Assistant
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Erin Goddard
Erin Goddard Decontamination Assistant
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Chloe Holman
Chloe Holman Qualified Dental Nurse
GDC No. 292234
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Lian Forbes
Lian Forbes Senior Receptionist
GDC No. 199211
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Nonna Cockrell
Nonna Cockrell Assistant Senior Receptionist
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Paula King
Paula King Receptionist
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Mandy Harvey
Mandy Harvey Receptionist
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Sam Bradshaw
Sam Bradshaw Receptionist
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Isabella Receptionist
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