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Extractions in Winchester, Hants

Chesil Dental Practice
15-17 Bridge St, Winchester
Hants SO23 0HL
St. James Dental Practice
7 St. James Terrace, Winchester
Hants SO22 4PP



This procedure involves removal of teeth from the mouth; it is done for 2 main reasons:

  1. To remove a painful diseased tooth.
  2. To make space to allow teeth to erupt in the correct position or to create space so that crowded teeth can be straightened.

Before this procedure is undertaken local anaesthetic is applied to deaden the area around the tooth and a radiograph will be taken, if one is not available to view the root shape and structure of the tooth. The tooth is then removed using instruments called elevators to prise away the bone around the tooth. The tooth is then lifted out of the socket using dental forceps.

Once the tooth has been removed pads are applied over the socket to staunch any bleeding, then once it is observed that a clot has formed the patient is discharged carrying a set of post-operative instructions so that they know how to look after the socket.

Extraction is an NHS Band 2 Treatment.