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Dental Private Orthodontics Fees in Winchester, Hants

St. James Dental Practice
7 St. James Terrace, Winchester
Hants SO22 4PP


Fees for Private Orthodontics

Full Orthodontic treatment can range from relatively minor to very complex, and accordingly the cost of treatment ranges from £760 to £8,200.

An initial consultation is necessary in order to determine treatment options and the fee for this is £125. This fee is waived should orthodontic treatment go ahead. We try to make payment as straightforward as possible and our normal policy is for payment on completion of each section of treatment.

Other orthodontic related treatments such as customised mouth guards and replacement retainers require a short consultation and the fee for this is £60. Further fees are:

  • Customised mouth guard - £80
  • Fixed (Bonded) retainer - £150
  • Removable retainer - £60

For more information on private orthodontic fees please click here: